Kanban Tour at MFJ Enterprises

MFJ Enterprise in Starkville, MS
MFJ Enterprise in Starkville, MS
Pictured:  CAVS-E
Pictured: CAVS-E's Emily Wall and Simpson General Hospital's Nikki Carpenter and Becky Massey touring MFJ Enterprise facility

Dr. Emily Wall, a Sr. Research Engineer at CAVS-E, is currently working with MFJ Enterprises, Inc. in Starkville, a world leader in amateur radio communication equipment and accessories, to set up a kanban inventory control and scheduling system. Kanban tracks inventory and orders of new shipments of parts and materials, helping to improve manufacturing efficiency. While Nikki Carpenter and Becky Massey, both employees of the Simpson General Hospital in Mendenhall, attended their third session of CAVS-E's Healthcare Lean Certificate class taught by John Moore, a Sr. Research Engineer at CAVS-E, he introduced them to Wall. Wall provided the two with a tour of MFJ's warehouse to observe the Kanban process and Carpenter plans to implement the kanban process in Simpson General Hospital's critical areas.

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