Best Practices Networking Event - August 2022


Coordinated by the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems-Extension, companies have been invited to network and share best practices through site visits at manufacturers' facilities. Six companies have currently committed to the activity and each company will host a site visit to share their company's best practices with the other manufacturers. Milwaukee Tool in Greenwood, MS, hosted the first benchmarking meeting at their service and repair plant on Thursday, August 4, 2022. Representatives from Taylor Power, AZZ, BSP, Raytheon, Viking Range, and CAVS-Extension all participated in the half-day event. A plant tour and roundtable discussion on best practices, such as operation, company morale, communication channels, dashboards, metrics, visual management needs, and improvements to quality and training activities, were the main topics of focus.

To learn more about programs and services available through CAVS-E, contact Billy Peacock at or 601.407.2741.