Facilitation and Team Building Skills: CAVS-E's Newest Course

Path to successful Team Building
Path to successful Team Building

Facilitation and Team Building Skills is the newest training program offered by the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems Extension. This interactive training unit engages participants in techniques used to become successful facilitators, allows them to develop new skills in engaging and uniting teams, and prepares them to integrate these into their own roles.

Successful teams are cohesive working groups that work together and are invested in achieving common goals. To stay competitive, teams must work productively and communicate effectively. Many organizations have utilized teams to tackle new problems, large projects, or major initiatives. Team facilitation is the ability to promote a joint effort to meet goals and to provide support and resources for a team to complete its tasks. The diverse strengths of team members should be leveraged to create multidimensional solutions to business challenges. Teams should be formed that have a shared and definite purpose and communication must be clear. The team leader is a motivator who should ensure that the team is united, keeping the team goals aligned with company goals.

CAVS-E instructors work with participants to clarify the role and focus of a facilitator, and to enhance communication skills utilized by teams in the decision-making process. Facilitators learn how to identify potential solutions and effective methods of dealing with disruptions that will help the team to become more productive. The two-day workshop is designed to assist individuals and organizations in developing a structured, planned approach to lead teams and become part of an effective team themselves. Participants are provided with exercises and interactive activities that give them the opportunity to practice new skills and prepare them to apply these in their own projects.

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