Manufacturers Needed for Critical Items


As many of you know, several Mississippi businesses have already modified their operations in order to manufacture and supply items such as hand sanitizer and surgical masks in this time of urgent need. As industry continues to mobilize, there are many more items that are critically in short supply.

MSU and CAVS-Extension have been asked to assist our community of manufacturers in knowing how to contact the federal government if they wish to make their capabilities and willingness to help visible.

Below are a set of links that provide information on how manufactures can help.

Provides a list of items that are in high demand

Lets you know who to send your information to at FEMA so you can be added to a list that will likely be shared and searchable once it becomes sufficiently populated. Most manufacturers will use the "How to Help - Private Sector" hyperlink on the page.

Connects you to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). This link is for those that can specifically help with production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items.