MSU Students win GRITS Awards


At the Gulf Region Intellence Transoportation Society (GRITS) annual tri-state conference held in Natchez this year, 25 students from eight universities submitted applications for cash scholarships. Six MSU students participated and three won cash scholarships, which are made payable directly to them to use as they desire.

Tonya G. McCall received the 1st Place Award for her application submission. McCall is a graduate student of ISE and is currently the Associate Director of CAVS-Extension in Canton, MS. The two other students winning awards were Nate Phillips of CAVS in Starkville, and Niamat Ullah Ibne Hossain of ISE in Starkville. The combined award of the three students was $3,250 in cash.

GRITS is a professional organization with a membership of a thousand representatives across Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. A student membership costs a mere $10 annually and provides networking opportunities with Mississippi DOT, LA DOTD, Alabama DOT and other organizations within the intelligent transportation community. Steve Puryear, of CAVS-E, is a GRITS Board Member, the Chair of the Membership Committee, and a member of the Scholarship Committee.