Adam Collins

Adam Collins

Project Engineer
CAVS Extension

About Me

Adam has been a part of the CAVS-E team for the past three years. His primary role involves developing simulation models for manufacturing companies that are planning major expansion or renovation projects. As part of this effort, Adam analyzes potential scenarios and recommends changes to help optimize project performance and minimize investment costs. His most memorable project has been in modeling the tire assembly for an automotive manufacturer. Anticipating both a large increase in demand and a shift in product mix, he discovered many unique characteristics to the system.

In defining success as achieving goals, with the added requirement of needing to learn or teach something to another as a part of the process, Adam believes that if people do the same things the same way repeatedly and do not share their knowledge, they are setting themselves up for a future failure that might have been avoided. He appreciates that the CAVS-E team works on a large variety of projects in all types of industry, each with its own complexities, and greatly values the experience and insightfulness that the CAVS-E team brings to the table. When asked to describe himself, Adam said he considers himself to be "an affable nerd with a curious mind."

When Adam is at home, you might find him reading, playing board games, or honing his culinary skills.