Jack Raymond

Senior Engineer

About Me

Jack Raymond is a Senior Engineer at Nissan North America, Canton, MS, is responsible for all welding used in Nissan automotive manufacturing (body in white). Jack has been in welding manufacturing industry since 1979 with responsibilities ranging from Plant Welding Engineer to Engineering Manager (body in white). His work experience covers many exotic welding processes such as Magnetic Arc Welding, Solid State Welding, High Capacitor Discharge Welding, Cold Metal Transfer Welding, Class 4 High Power Lasers YAG/Co2, Drawn Arc Welding, Projection Welding and Resistance Welding. He has also had an impact on several industry standards, including ANSI, SAE, ASME, MIL, ISO, GMA, AWS Code D1.1 (structural steel), and AWS D1.3 (sheet metal). Other credits include Certified Laser Safety Officer, member of the American Welding Society, and a member of the Edison Welding Institute.